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12 Marlborough Street 

Newport, RI 02840-2858

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Mission Statement:

Tuesdays: 6:30-8pm

Barber Hall

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Upcoming Events:

Every Second Tuesday at 5pm

Olney Room

Some Sundays 4-5:30pm (|Fall, Winter and Spring), Barber Hall (Call to confirm) 

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Every Tuesday: 5:30-6:20pm 

Barber Hall 

Some Thursdays 6 - 7:30pm, Pastor's Office, Seasonal (Call to confirm)

Every Wednesday: 11:15am 

Pastors Office

Every Sunday at 10 am in our Sanctuary


We are a spirited, compassionate community of faith living in covenant with God and each other through understanding and practicing the teachings of Christ.  

We Believe We Are Called to:

  • Welcome all, regardless of background, lifestyle or ability celebrating our unity;

      we accept others as we find them, or as they may become.

  • Serve our neightborhood, our country, and our world, minister to those in every state of life, and to bind up the broken and heal the hurt.

  • Work for justice and peace in the fact of inequity and strife.

  • Honor our community's rich historical and Wesleyan traditions.

  • Grow personally in knowledge and love.

  • Be a safe space and quiet center in a troubled, weary world.

Historic St. Paul's:

The Congregation of St. Paul's first gathered in 1800 at the then State House, now called the Old Colony House, just up from Charles Street in Washington Square. As the congregation grew, building began in 1806, even before a site was chosen. Thus, St. Paul’s is what some have called one of the first pre-fabricated church buildings. This pre-modular 45’x 60’ frame remains part of St. Paul’s today. Adding distinction to St. Paul’s history is the fact it is believed to be the first Methodist Church in the world with a steeple and a bell! Prior Methodist congregations met and worshiped in meeting house style buildings and in homes.

   The early sanctuary, originally at ground level, was raised eight feet in 1842 to accommodate a soaring congregation and to create space for classes and meetings beneath. 1857 saw the installation of the first organ and gas lights replaced oil lamps. On-going renovations met with disaster in 1881 when a fire threatened total devastation. With the building badly damaged, members unanimously decided “to do what is best for the future of the church, regardless of the difficulties and personal sacrifice.” Then, in 1889, a new organ was purchased and remains in the church today. This is an historic Hutchins tracker-action organ, which was completely restored in 1989 for its centennial celebration.

   Our congregation has continued to adapt to adversity and challenges throughout our history to remain relevant and active today as an historic church in downtown Newport.

   St. Paul’s is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and Landmarks. In 1987 we were designated United Methodist Historic Site No. 195. In the year 2000, St. Paul’s celebrated 200 years of Christian service and witness.

57 E 4th St, New York 


A Brief Chronology of St. Paul's:

                                       (United Methodists were originally The Methodist Episcopal Church.)

1800- Bible classes organized.

1805- Ruben Hubbard becomes first of a 212-year line of 68 Pastors at 12 Marlborough Street.

                 (To see the entire roster of Pastors at St. Paul's please see WORSHIP & MINISTRY, next web-page.)

1807- Church was incorporated.

1806-1807- Church building was erected; first Methodist church in world with steeple and bell.

1827- Sunday School organized.

1842- Church building raised one story; new parish hall built below sanctuary; narrow pews substituted for boxes.

1856- Thames Street Church formed (what is now St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church since 1924).

1857- Middletown Church formed (what is now Calvary United Methodist Church)

1858- Church pipe-organ purchased and installed.

1871- Church incorporated as First Methodist Episcopal Church of Newport.

1881- Church partially burnt; organ moved to new addition at north-end of building during restoration.

1886- Swedish Church organized on Annandale Avenue (later joined with United Methodist of Middletown (1973).

1922- First and Thames Street Churches united as St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church at Marlborough Street.

1939- St. Paul's becomes St. Paul's Methodist Church as a result of changes at the national church level.

1944- Solomon Townsend house next to St. Paul's Church purchased for a Parish House. It was built in 1730.

1946- Sanctuary underwent major restoration changing altar and pulpits "as far as possible to the style and atmosphere of the finest of the old colonial churches."

1960- Townsend Parish House demolished due to being badly deteriorated; present education annex consisting of a variety of classrooms, offices and other spaces was constructed. 

1968- St. Paul's become St. Paul's United Methodist Church as a result of changes at the national church level.

1987- St. Paul's Church building placed on the National Registry of Historic Places and Landmarks. St. Paul's is also designated as an United Methodist Historic Site, No. 195.

2000- St. Paul's celebrates its 200th anniversary, beginning a robust third century of serving and supporting the people of Newport and beyond.

2010- St. Paul's commissions Haynes/deBoer Associates of Providence to provide a Master Plan for restoration and maintenance our historic church into a third century.

2011- St. Paul's completes work implementing Phase-I of the Master Plan, a major upgrade to meet the State of Rhode Island requirement for life safety. Included were: a new door on the east-side of the building; a state-of-the-art fire alarm system; installation of fire-resistant doors; and special sanctuary emergency lighting. Funding for these improvements were made by an anonymous donor's gracious grant, referred to as the "Angel-Fund" by church members.

2012- St. Paul's completes a major repair and restoration of the interior steeple, bell and its mechanism with emphasis on major structural enhancements to ensure the steeple is prepared to survive the rigors of the ocean climate in Newport. Repair and restoration were made possible through a generous grant by the Alletta Morris McBean Charitable Trust. Additional funding was provided by the Doris Duke Trust for Historic Preservation, and by generous donations from church members.  

2016- St. Paul's was granted a very generous grant by the van Beuren Charitable Foundation to repair and restore the exterior of our steeple and its dome, Phase-V of the Master Plan.   

2017- Phase-V completion of repair/renovation of the steeple, dome, orbs and weathervane.  To view pictures of the completed work click on link "See Pictures":

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