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St. Paul's front entrance with flag that reads "Kindness, peace, equality, love, inclusion, hope"

Welcome to St. Paul's
United Methodist
Faith Community

Red poppy blooms, buds and stems against the sky

Hope sprouts

Healing grows

Love blooms


Our Sunday Service

We invite you to our contemplative, Spirit-filled, inclusive Sunday service.

Join in-person, online or by phone!

Our Mission

We are a spirited, compassionate community of faith living in covenant with God and each other through understanding and practicing the teachings of Christ.

We believe we are called to . . .​


Welcome all, regardless of background, lifestyle or ability celebrating our unity.


Work for justice and peace in the face of inequity and strife.


Accept others as we find them or as they may become.


Honor our community's rich historical and Wesleyan traditions.


​Serve our neighborhood, our country, and our world.


Grow personally in knowledge and love.


Minister to those in every state of life, binding up the broken and healing the hurt.


Provide a safe space and quiet center in a troubled, weary world.

Our Pastor

Portrait picture of St. Paul's pastor, Rev. Dr. Jaegil Lee

Rev. Dr. Jaegil Lee

St. Paul's United Methodist Church has been joyfully lead by Rev. Dr. Jaegil Lee since 2015.

Jaegil's open-hearted nature and devotion to the radical love of Christ has expanded both church membership and St. Paul's ministry in the Newport community. Attuned to the needs of our community, he has lead St. Paul's in becoming a recovery-oriented church, open to anyone regardless of where they come from or where they are on the journey of their life.


In 2019, he was fully ordained in the Methodist tradition.

Our History

St. Paul's Historic Building

St. Paul's congregation first gathered in 1800 at the then State House, now called the Old Colony House, just up from Charles Street in Washington Square.


As the congregation grew, construction of a church building began in 1806, even before a site was chosen. Adding distinction to St. Paul’s history is the fact it is believed to be the first Methodist Church in the world with a steeple and a bell. Prior Methodist congregations met and worshiped in meeting house style buildings and in homes.


St. Paul’s is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and Landmarks.


In 1987 we were designated United Methodist Historic Site No. 195. 

Wooden plaque listing significant events in St. Paul's history from 1800 to 1822
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