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St. Paul's is involved in a number of community outreach programs.
Those that are taking place year around include:
     -The Christian Action Community Meal program which ensures that a meal is available to anyone everyday of the month.
St. Paul's provides a meal each second Tuesday of the month.
In addition four other churches around Aquidneck Island use St. Paul's facilities to provide a meal each Thursday of the month.

    -The Methodist Community Garden. St. Paul's volunteers work with people from across Aquidneck Island at Calvary Methodist Church, where the garden is located.  Large quantities of vegetables are raised year around. These are provided free to those who need them, seniors, as well as to several charitable organizations who provide meals to the needy.

    -Through out the year St. Paul's raises money to provide items for those in need. For many years St. Paul's in the late fall has provided a wide variety of warm clothing to those in need.

Periodically other outreach programs will be initiated or restarted. Look for more information via St. Paul's e-mails or Sunday church bulletin. Contact us for more information on how you too may contribute to our community outreach programs.


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