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Community Outreach:

St. Paul's Faith Community is committed to live and practice our discipleship in Christ Jesus through our many and varried outreach programs as a congregation and community of caring individuals. Nearly every day of the week there are programs to enrich and enlighten members of our community at-large.

  • God's Community Gardens:                 

  • Warm-up Wednesdays:                                                

  • Soup's-On:

  • Coat Give-Away:    

  • Rebuilding Together

  • Nicaragua Covenant:                        

  • Community Meal Hosting:

  • Music Together of Newport County:

  • Insight Group Meetings:                            

God's Community Gardens:
Wednesdays, 10:00-11:30am and 2:30-4:00pm

As a partner in the island wide Methodist Community Garden located at Calvary Methodist Church in Middletown, St. Paul members continue volunteering in planting, weeding, and harvesting duties. In June, our Farm Stand is opened on Wednesdays from 10:00-11:30am at our garage in the main parking lot and starting July 5th from 2:30-4:00pm at the Florence Grey Center, One York Street, Newport, RI.  Each Wednesday throughout the summer, produce is transported to St. Paul’s parking lot and distributed. In an effort to improve distribution, the name “God’s Community Garden” was selected and we did away with having participants produce a card in order to receive goods.  All left over vegetables are donated to Salvation Army’s food pantry. In 2016, 8,015lbs. of vegetables were grown and distributed to seniors and the needy within this past year. At St. Paul’s Farm Stand alone we were able to distribute 3,149lbs. to 710 participants.  

 For more information, contact our church office: 401-846-0966 OR send an email to

Wednesdays. 1:00-4:00pm in Barber Hall
Wednesdays in Barbar Hall is open from 1:00-4:00pm where hot coffee, tea and refreshments are available to all in our immediate community to share Christian fellowship, camaraderie and conversation. 
For more information, contact our church office: 401-846-0966 OR send an email to
2nd Tuesday of every month YEAR ROUND, 5:00pm in Olney Room
The second Tuesday of every month year-round at 5:00pm, St. Paul gives a community meal for the needy and hungry in our community prepared, cooked and served by members of St. Paul's.  Each month between 50-65 individuals are fed a warm meal and offered our fellowship. During the summer months, a bagged-lunch is offered.
For more information, contact our church office: 401-846-0966 OR send an email to
Community Meal Hosting:
Every Thursday YEAR ROUND, 5:00PM in Olney Room
Every Thursday afternoon five inter-faith congregations also use our kitchen facilities and dinning rooms to host community meals served at 5:00pm.
For more information, about Newport Community Meals at the Christian Action Center call: 401-849-3537 or email
Insight Community Group Meeting:
Every Second Tuesday, 10:00-11:30am in Olney Room
The INSIGHT group brings together people who are living with vision loss to help them find way to overcome isolation, loneliness and frustration they may be feeling. The groups also create opportunities for people to learn from each other and form lasting friendships. INSIGHT staff facilitate the group and often feature presentations from INSIGHT staff members and guest speakers. The group also provides people in the same geographic area with the opportunity to come together and offer peer support to each other.   
For more information, contact: Rick Andrade, 401-941-3322, extension 109, OR,
Music Together Of Newport County:
Classes Wednesday through Friday in Carter Room 
Registration in advance is required.
Offers creative experiences in music & movement for your family, but especially for families with children who are infants to age 5.
Music Together® is an innovative and research-based curriculum and has been pioneering in the field of music education in early childhood for over 25 years. In Music Together® classes the whole family gets in on the music-making action, adults and children alike in a rich family musical atmosphere full of warm-heartedness, playfulness and joy!
For more information contact: Christopher Kavi Carbone, 401-846-9014. OR
Coat Give-Away:
"Black Friday" through to the end of winter.  
Coats available Wed. 1-4pm and Sun. after 11:30am.
Six Special Collections Yearly
Volunteer Rebuilding JUNE to SEPTEMBER
Rebuilding Together Emergency Fund:
Every year St. Paul's collects coats, scarves, gloves and hats for our annual Coat Give-Away, commencing on "Black Friday", the Friday after Thanksgiving, and continuing throughout the winter months.  In 2016 over 70 persons were able to find and take-away suitable warm Winter clothing.  
For more information, contact our church office: 401-846-0966 OR send an email to
To see a slide-show of our Coat Give-Away on FACEBOOK, click on the following link.

St. Paul's is a local chapter of Rebuilding Together, the largest volunteer network in our country to rehabilitate homes, provide an emergency fun for year-round critical repairs and energy efficient upgrades to low-income homes and residents in our community.  Every other month St. Paul's has a special communion collection to help sustain our St. Paul's Emergency Fund for Rebuilding Together.  

For example

  • In the past year, an elderly woman woman in-need had her oil tank replaced as it was leaking extensively into her basement.

  • A local disabled Navy veteran in-need had major furnace work done to replace piping, improve ventilation and reduce "puff-back" from his home. Once done, volunteers from St. Paul's and Rebuilding Together Greater Newport completed soot abatement from his home.

St. Paul's continues to work closely with local agencies such as Church Community Housing, East Bay Community Action Program, and Martin Luther King Center to help identify our community neighbours in need and to try to live our principals and practices of Christ's discipleship through our outreach as a congregation.

For more information, contact our church office: 401-846-0966 OR send an email to

Nicaragua Covenant:
Six Special Collections Yearly
Donations made throughout the year.
The Nicaragua Covenant develops, facilitates, and supports  programs of compassion, justice,
and mercy that enhances the lives of our brothers and sisters in Nicaragua.

The Amanecer Mobile Health Clinic provides free access to basic medical & dental care. The Clinic consists of a doctor, dentist, nurse, and pharmacist / driver. Using Nicaraguan staff, the clinic operates 5 days a week, 48 weeks a year, now calling on 30 communities which have no access to medical care.

Clean Water and Sanitation: 

Sawyer Water Filter and ​La Conquista Water Project:
    La Conquista is a small village of 101 homes  in the San Francisco Libre Region. It is one of the 30, mostly rural, villages that the Amanecer Mobile Health Clinic calls on. The clinic medical staff reported that they were treating the children for water borne diseases and a test of the community well indicated the presence of E. Coli bacteria. In prior water projects our design was for a new or refurbished community well. However, we learned that this approach would not work in La Conquista since many of the homes had private shallow wells and it was not feasible to address all of them.
    The answer for La Conquista was a home filter system that we have been using as a pilot project at 12 homes where our health aides live. The filters are effective and well received by those using them. The product is the Sawyer Point One Filter- it can produce pure water at the rate of 17 gallons per hour, sufficient for even a large family. The filter works on the same principal as kidney dialysis equipment and it removes all bacteria and parasites.
    The cost of a home filter and buckets is $47.00- imagine that, you can provide pure water for a family for less than the price of a good dinner for two. The Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Chelmsford , MA raised the funds for the project and brought the filters to the village in April 2016. The photos show the team providing the filters for every home in the village. 

    One of the programs the Nicaragua Covenant supports is education, as a way to help impoverished people confront their circumstances. Supporting primary education has been a major Covenant program for twenty-three years.
    The Covenant currently supports thirteen teachers in eight primary schools serving 750 children. Mission teams from New England renovated and resupplied Sierra Maestra, El Nazareno, Camino a Emaus, Cincoyo, and Las Flores schools.    

Feeding Children:               
    In 2015 the Covenant's nutrition program expanded the feeding programs 3 nutritious meals a week serving, 1350 meals every week. We serve 450 children in 5 villages and at Fundacion NITCA, with 70,000 meals a year. We also provide 4,000 meals to an Elder program in La Cruz Verde. 
    Vegetable gardens were started in 5 communities in 2013. There are two planting seasons each year. This helps supplement the meals with additional ingredients and nutrition, while also helping communities learn more about  self-sustainability

    Women, especially single mothers, are oppressed economically and culturally. Education for women and a few men, many of whom lack a sixth grade education, helps  in developing independence, self-sufficiency and personal dignity by learning and using marketable skills.
    In 2015, 40 women graduated from the Covenant's programs, equipped to start their own business out of their home or find work in the Free Trade Zone factories. This also enables families to create their own clothing, and gain a  level of self sufficiency.

For more information, contact our church office: 401-846-0966 OR send an email to  

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