St. Paul's United Methodist Church


12 Marlborough Street 

Newport, RI 02840-2858

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  • Holy Communion is offered each Sunday as part of our weekly service. The United Methodist Church has an open Communion Table.  All who love our Lord are invited to join us at the Lord's table.  In recognition of individual needs, the chalice always contains grape juice.

  • Many Sundays at St. Paul's, we have guest soloists and local musicians participating in our Music Ministry.

  • Following worship, all are invited to join us for refreshments, conversation and fellowship in Barber Hall, located directly beneath our Sanctuary.

  • St. Paul's has two parking lots which provide sufficient space for congregants and visitors. 


At St. Paul's we have our Spirit-filled Sunday morning worship at 10:00am in our Sanctuary.  A Children's Message during our service is followed by Sunday School. 

To see a video of one of our Worship Musicians, use the link below:


Every Sunday at 10:00am

In our Sanctuary


  • Pastoral Visits: Either in hospital or at home, our Pastor visits those needing consolation and spiritual support. Pastor E-Mail:  

      Pastor's Study: 401-846-0966     

  • Pastoral Spiritual Counseling/Direction: Our Pastor's study is always open to those needing private counseling and/or spiritual direction. (See above for contact information.)

  • Thursday Bible Study: Every Thursday between 6:00 and 7:15 pm in our Barber Hall. Congregants gather to read and discuss inspirational bible passages guided by our Pastor.

  • Women's Gathering: The women of our church regularly meet monthly at each other's homes to share Christian fellowship, refreshments and lively conversation.  

  • Prayer Shawl Knitting Group: Several members of our church meet to knit interesting and varied colored prayer shawls given-away to church members and people in our community.

  • Faith Journey Group: Meets Sunday afternoons to share Christian fellowship, Bible readings, Bible study and discussion, as well as hymn singing together. 

  • Guest Speakers: Quite often our congregation hosts guest speakers who deliver sermons and/or lead discussions of discovery and learning on a variety of subjects, from Recovery Ministry, Spirituality, to abiding interests of community action and participation.

Monthly Pot-Luck Brunch after our Service. 

Our Pastor & Ministers:
Rev. Jaegil Lee
David Manuel
Music Director
Linda Somes, Sunday School Servants
Dennis McCoy, Lay Leader

To read our Pastor's message in the Newport Daily News' Clergy Corner, click the link to the right: 

Kathy Mosher, Sexton
Rose Garcia, Greeters
Jerry Pomert, Bell Ringers
Office Ministry Team; Louise Casavant, Veronique Rynn, Joe Roderick, Diane Harrington
Complete Roster of Pastors for Over 212-Years:
Betsy Fitzgerald, Liturgists
Russell Secor, Communion Servers
Merle Streagle, Ushers

1805 Reuben Hubbard
1807 Samuel Merwin

1809 Daniel Webb
1825 Enoch Mudge
1827 Samuel Norris
1829 James Porter
1830 Thomas W. Tucker
1832 Asa Kent                  
1834 John Lord               
1835 Louis Janson          
1836 Thomas Ely             
1837 Jonathan Cady        
1838 Issac Stoddard        
1840 Franklin Gavitt      
1842 Joel Knight                            
1843 Robert M. Hatfield
1845 Elisha B. Bradford 
1846 Richard Livesey      
1848 Barth N. Otheman
1850 Asa V. Swinerton   
1852 John B. Husted      
1853 John Lovejoy          
1855 Frederick Upham   
1857 Micah J. Talbot       
1858 John B. Husted      
1861 Charles H. Titus     
1863 Lucius D. Davis      
1866 Daniel A. Whedon 
1868 George M. Hamlen
1869 Edwin S. Stanley    
1871 DudleyP. Leavitt     
1874 William F. Whitcher                           
1877 Edgar M. Smith                     
1880 Angelo Canolly

1882 Daniel A. Whedon
1883 Joseph Hollingshead
1886 Thomas J. Everett
1887 Joshua A. L. Rich
1890 Warren A. Luce
1892 Edward C. Bass
1896 John H. Allen
1900 Thomas E. Chandler
1903 Charles A. Stenhouse
1907 Joseph Cooper
1914 William I. Ward
1919 Frederick W. Coleman
1925 George G. Scrivener
1931 Myron E. Center
1933 Fred W. Knickerehm
1938 Clifton E. Chase
1938 Hansel H. Tower
1940 W. Ralph Ward Jr
1941 Harvey K. Mousley
1947 Earl E. Story
1951 David Carter
1960 Matt Mees
1964 Max M. Munro
1968 Wesley W. Stinson
1974 Thomas H. Lindeman
1981 Lynn MacLagan
1983 David A. Ripley
1992 George L. Hodgkins, Jr.
1997 Charlotte Nachbar
1998 C. Dale White & Quentin Ivy
2003 John Holt & Lark d'Helen
2008 Rebecca Baumann
2014 Johanne Dame
2015 Jaegil Lee                  (#68)

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